Why My Teeth Turn Yellow After Whitening

According to a recent survey about teeth whitening, it was concluded that about 48 % of the population of the United States is not happy with their smile, and out of this, 48%, 64% of people thought it was because of the discoloration of their teeth. Through that survey, we can understand that the teeth’ coloration plays a vital role in making your smile better and making you attractive. It has a part in making you feel gorgeous and confident as well. The bright teeth can brighten up your smile and can make them happy evening work. We cannot step into the bandwagon of white teeth products, but we can tell you that oral hygiene is essential. There is a massive market for at-home teeth whitening products, but do you think it is excellent to use teeth whitening products on your teeth without knowing if they are safe to use or not.

To avoid that contradiction, you can try out the natural ways to remove the stains from your teeth. And before that, you must also understand that what is the reason for teeth stain. When you are not taking care of your teeth properly and are not considering or and hygiene as important as that, you might have issues with your teeth’ coloration. And diet also plays a vital role in the coloration of your teeth.

And even if you have gotten the teeth whitening done, your teeth can still turn yellow. And the reason for that can be a lot. Some reasons are listed below.

why my teeth turn yellow after teeth whitening

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Food and drink

Dark-colored food and drinks can leave a stain on your teeth. Various dark food and drinks contain food dyes and chromogens. These chromogens can very quickly leave a stain on your teeth and make these stains permanent. The drinks that contain chromogen include coffee, tea, and wine as well. Some of the colored sauces are also the reason why you have stains on your teeth. Eating popsicles or drinking soda can leave a permanent color on your teeth. However, it depends upon the frequency of uses. The more you use these products, the more your teeth will be stained. Therefore, you need to have a balanced diet. And try to avoid having soda and dark-colored food very often.

Tobacco and tar 

Another reason for the teeth stains the use of tobacco. People who smoke excessively have discolored teeth and sensitive gums. Their teeth enamel has permanent stains and is a lot more sensitive. The teeth whitening solutions can work for such discolored teeth, but it will not be a lasting solution. Therefore, it is essential to have your smoking in control to ensure you do not leave your oral and overall health on stake.

The teeth discolor over time; even when you are trying to keep up with the oral hygiene, your teeth might still discolor. But that is a natural consequence of aging. However, there are a lot of other natural ways to whiten your teeth.

A lot of natural ways include oil pulling or using baking soda on your teeth. But even after using these natural methods, one has to wait for quite a while to get the results. 

Remove stains for teeth. 

Initially, you can start with brushing your teeth with baking soda every once in a while. And secondly, what you can do if to rinse the mouth with the diluted hydrogen peroxide solution. You can continue this process for up to 2 weeks. But make sure you wash and rinse your mouth with water after the use of hydrogen peroxide. It is not only essential but needs to be done as a safety measure as well.

You can also try the teeth whitening products that are labeled as at-home teeth whitening products. These teeth whitening products will not only remove stains but also help with teeth discoloration. You can try out the several products available in the market but make sure you choose the high-quality product that is safe to use. Even with the best teeth whitening products, you need to wait for up to 2 weeks. With continuous use of teeth whitening products, you will be able to see the whitening results in up to 2 weeks.

There are three most used options for teeth whitening products. One is the mouthwash, the second is the toothpaste, and the third option is teeth whitening strip or trays. All of these teeth whitening options will help you out sooner or later.


The mouth wash that is concentrated on teeth whitening contains hydrogen peroxide, a perfect choice for teeth whitening. This is an effective process for teeth whitening.


The toothpaste contains sodium hypochlorite, which is another excellent source for teeth whitening. You can use the toothpaste every day and make sure your oral hygiene is on point. Without any doubt, continuous use of toothpaste will provide you with entirely white teeth without any stain.

Whitening strip and trays

People think of the whitening strip as a quick and easy solution. These whitening teeth strips contain carbamide peroxide, which is another whitening; just like hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide is also a bleaching agent to help you in the whitening of the teeth. The same goes for the trays for teeth whitening. With the continuous use of these strips or trays, you can easily remove stain from teeth.

In house teeth whitening 

For professional help, you can go for an in-house teeth whitening process. These in-house treatments might cost you a little more, but it will be comparatively better than at-home teeth whitening products. Keeping in mind the oral hygiene has to be the priority.

Discolored teeth can happen because of your age, genetics, tooth decay, or the medication you use. The reason for discoloration can be a lot more than just the mentioned above reasons. It can happen because of an unhealthy diet, excess use of soda, or smoking.

After all of these reasons, when you want to get rid of discoloration or stains from your teeth, you must make sure you are brushing daily and taking care of the oral hygiene. If you are not taking care of the oral hygiene, you will end up with stained teeth, even with the whitening solutions and processes. To ensure not to waste money or to damage the teeth enamel, you must work on oral hygiene.

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