When asked about salary expectations in a job interview, answer this

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When you interview for a job, you will be asked about salary. It is customary in job interviews to ask what salary you would like for the position you are applying for.

There are reasons why entrepreneurs ask this question. Most companies already have a salary requirement when they call for positions. They want to know if your expected salary is close to what they expect to pay, and if it is close, they will continue to discuss employment. If you can answer the salary issue comfortably during the job interview, you will have the opportunity to get a job for yourself, as well as the benefits that will come after you get the job, so JobNet gives you some tips.

(1) Know your own worth

Each job has its own value. You need to know the actual salary that is suitable for your position. Before the interview, research how these positions are offered in your industry. Salary after studying Rewards and benefits should be negotiated. So that your side will not suffer. The basic salary you want Desired benefits In addition to the salary, other benefits should be answered after making a detailed decision.

(2) How should you answer the salary question?

If a person is going to be employed, the entrepreneur will also provide benefits, equality, Bonuses and other offers are important things to consider. When asked in the interview, “What is the expected salary?”, the interviewers understood that they could not answer immediately. If you don’t have a ready answer

_ Need to know more about job requirements than salary and benefits.

_ As someone who works in this industry, he understands that the benefits are different. I would like to know what kind of benefits the company will provide. This is the kind of answer you should answer when you switch to a different industry.

(3) Salary rate

If you are asked again about how much you should answer about the expected salary, it is time to answer the question. Avoid stating an exact amount. Instead, try different pay rates (from minimum to maximum). You should say a fair rate rather than the salary you want.

An employee’s salary is the value of wages earned based on his performance. That’s why you need to get what you deserve, and you shouldn’t underestimate your worth. It is important to know how much other companies are paying for your current position. A specific position for yourself Salary should not be negotiated until duties are known.

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