What are in-Office Teeth Whitening

What are in-Office Teeth Whitening

Well, this is a simple procedure of actually going to a proper dentist or general dental hygienist who will allow you to get the proper results you might need from a dental visit. Teeth whitening is the particular process of restoring the original white shiny color of one’s teeth. This can take a proper procedure to do so and has multiple steps to adapt to ensure getting the right results.

What are in-Office Teeth Whitening

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Would it be wise to do the teeth-whitening at home? 

No, it would not be wise to something as simple as teeth whitening at home. People don’t actually spend several years studying the course of the field just for people to go around doing teeth whitening themselves. Sure there are teeth cleaning kits that allow you to stuff like this at home with ease but is it worth it? It isn’t something smart to opt for, you would end up spending the same amount of money on buying a home kit, and the amount of time it would take to achieve the same result would end up costing the same or more, considering time is money.

Why should I opt for a dentist appointment? 

Well, a dentist is someone who has had experience over the years and knows how to medically treat every casualty which could take place while you’re performing it at home. A dentist also knows how to deal with cavities and weaker teeth when it comes to addressing checking up on special care since teeth whitening requires the dentist to add an acid solution to break through the color and make it much brighter than what it was before. With weaker teeth being affected by the acid would probably cause a much faster tooth decay, which you do not want to deal with at home, so the more preferred option would be to opt for a dentist and pay a little extra for the convenience comfort.

What is the procedure for getting whiter teeth? 

Well, first off, you need to physically go to the dentist and have a seat on a chair. The dentist may then compare your teeth color to a chart, which will show the dentist how much hydrogen peroxide needs to be applied to achieve the right result. The dentist will also see what kind of teeth you have to ensure that the teeth whitening process is good for you or not. Considering if you have a lot of caps and filling in the front tooth, the dentist will not perform the whitening since the cap is mostly made out of a material that can not be lightened with the simple use of acidic solutions. There would be a very visible difference between the real and fake teeth.

Then they do fit a mouth guard, which moves your lips out of your teeth, and you don’t keep your mouth open physically. Then continuing the dentist will apply a gel or a solution that will protect your gums from the acidic solution, which will be applied to your teeth you break down the color and make them much brighter.

The acid is hydrogen peroxide ranging from a concentration of 15%-35%. This penetrates your teeth and breaks down the enzymes and causes the color to become lighter, causing a four-sh shade decrease in the color.

The dentist will apply the solution multiple times as he wishes, and as per the amount is required in a time frame of 40 minutes continuously. This includes washing off the gel and reapplying as or the dentist may find appropriate.

The results are drastic and should last for months or even years regarding what and how they take care of them, dietary habits, and smoking can also lead to stained teeth coming back.


What is the protocol that we have to follow after an in-office teeth whitening session? 

Well, for starters, you will experience sensitivity in your teeth, that is something which is very common after a whitening experience because of the acid application and how the acid reacts to the teeth first hands. This will obviously wear down pretty quickly since it is pretty normal after such a procedure, and it would take at least a day.

You also need to acknowledge that you should not consume any staining materials for a few days, at least. Material such as coffee or things that may stick to your teeth and make you feel like they might darker or lessen the effect of the whitening process.

You can also keep up with your procedure with a whitening kit customized by your dentist for you for a proper teeth mold that fits you specifically. Also, have an acid solution which can be applied on the mold and be put in your teeth and can be left overnight, or you can follow the instruction of your dentist to ensure you’re doing everything correctly.


You were mentioning the reasons why your teeth may lose their shine. 


Tobacco can really easily affect the color of your teeth, and the two chemicals which are found in cigarettes, which are nicotine and tar, make your teeth a very dark color. The other chemical can make your teeth very yellow, and these are stains which are very difficult to break through to with only using toothpaste.


Specific food and drinks 

People who indulge in multiple food and drinks that have multiple colors additive or are naturally very staining cause the teeth to catch onto the color of the continuously consumed food. It will eventually leave you with yellowish teeth that are not very appealing to the eye and may need medical or dental attention.



The outer layer of your hard white teeth, which is enamel, is a much softer layer and of a different color; this makes the teeth show the color and would need medical attention to restore.


Teeth whitening is a major concern these days and people are opting for various solutions. When looking for the teeth whitening solution you must also consider in-house teeth whitening. It is not only professional but also safe.

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