How to express encouragement and warmth in an email

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Business communication is an important quality. That’s what most employers are looking for in job applicants. One important thing in business communications is how to write an email. In addition to being professional when writing an email, it is also important to convey warmth and care. 
When you are facing many challenges, your partner, team members boss Warmth in communicating with clients by email, Being able to express care and encouragement is also important. Such behaviors can also improve your professional qualities. That’s why when writing an email, I’m going to show you how to express encouragement and warmth to your friends and colleagues. 
1. “I’ve been thinking about you lately because…”
Starting an e-mail or gift card with the above text that can express emotion can make it clear that you are really thinking about the person receiving this message. Let the person you are writing to know what you think about them. 
2. “How are you feeling?”
Another way you can show encouragement at the beginning of your letter is to ask if the recipient is okay with it. How are you, I simply asked how the situation was today. friends, When I meet my colleagues, I use a small greeting that they say every day. It allows the recipient to reconsider how he or she is feeling and elicits a response. 
3. “I appreciate all the support and guidance you have given me so much because…”

If you are sending a message to someone who has helped you, whether that help is big or small, you can start with the above text. Why are you grateful to your colleagues or superiors or business partners? I can add how many of my problems have been solved because of them. By starting your letter with a thank you note that expresses encouragement and comfort to the other person, you can also make the recipient feel cared for and loved. 
4. I’m always here for you
Another way to express encouragement is to let the recipient know that you are always encouraging and ready to help. The encouragement that someone is always there for you gives you mental strength as well as physical health. It’s a strong statement that even though you can’t solve a friend’s or colleague’s problems, you are an encouragement to him and can help him as much as you can when he needs it.

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