How to describe professional achievements on a CV

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According to JobNet’s experience and observations regarding job application writing, job applicants are weak in expressing their professional achievements. When writing a resume or CV, most people usually mention the activities they are responsible for. In fact, when applying for a job, clearly demonstrating your accomplishments can help employers see that you are the right fit for the job . That’s why I’ve listed 5 things that you can describe your professional achievements and how you can describe them in a job application. 

1. Know the difference between tasks and achievements
Most people tend to describe tasks rather than describing how they were able to achieve success in their previous jobs. That being said, we have to differentiate between responsibilities/duties and achievement. Responsibilities don’t tell the full story of how effective you are at your job. What employers and hiring managers are interested in is what you’ve accomplished in your field. You should describe what skills and experience you have gained from what you have done, or whether you have been able to do something that no one else in the company has been able to do.

2. Question yourself and make yourself aware of your
successes. Then I think to myself that there are no things that I have done to be successful. So, ask yourself the few questions that I will tell you now. Think of a recent project you successfully completed yourself. How much did the project contribute to the company’s sales or profits? What has been your biggest professional achievement in the past year? What kind of good comments has a customer made about you? In recent projects, how have you helped yourself and your colleagues? 

3. Describe your accomplishments in numbers.
When describing your accomplishments in your CV, use the form “Challenge, Action, Result.” When expressing success, money, Use words such as numbers and time to express them in numbers. For example, start with “I was given the responsibility to…” and write the Challenge first. Then say “So, I…” about what kind of action you took. Finally, the result can end with “As a result of my efforts…”. Whenever possible, you want to use numbers to describe results or achievements. For example – “I saved $100K year on year by decreasing the operating budget by 52%.”

4. Realize Intangible Achievements Not
all jobs will provide measurable results. But don’t worry. In that case, think about the non-statistical achievements you could include on your CV. For example – Conducted systematic and careful analysis of the projects of key clients and developed important relationships with them. Also, what kind of comments a client or leader from any company has made about the quality of their work?

5. Prepare accomplishments that match the points mentioned in the
job offer. Then make a note of how your professional skills and experience match those descriptions. Then it will become more visible what kind of success you have done that will be more suitable for the job you are applying for. When answering an interview, if you have a thorough understanding of the company and the job position you will be applying for, you will be able to combine the skills and knowledge that match the tasks to be performed. 
How to describe professional achievements in a CV is not easy at first. Especially when you don’t know exactly what you’ve done, it’s more likely to happen. Later, if you talk about your professional achievements in your CV, you will be able to write stronger job applications and gain more respect from employers.

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