How should I write a CV based on my changing abilities

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Employment in Myanmar Opportunity As the market picks up again, you may want to consider entering a new sector (or industry). You may not have a lot of relevant work experience to enter a new industry.

Therefore, it is important to have the ability to write and describe your CV accordingly.

The ability to change from one’s current job is a key useful ability in any role. If we look at some examples of changeable capabilities, project-based management, time management; You will progress to team management and eventually leadership.

Adaptability is the ability to perform many different tasks for oneself; It can also be helpful for entering a new sector (or industry).

Below are 5 ways to describe your changeable skills in your CV. 

1. Discover your ability to change.

It is important to be clear about your ability to change. Only then will the employers clearly see their performance.

2. Study the areas needed for a new industry or sector.

Think about what might suit you best in a new role or industry you want to work in. If you find a job that interests you, read the requirements carefully. So, in writing his CV, he should identify the ability to change.

3. Write about your ability to change, using descriptions and examples.

Personal information in your CV written based on your ability to change; Education Include work experience and contact information, but must list relevant skills. Describing how these skills are used can be created separately under the heading “Key Skills”. Or you can add small marks below the work experience section of your CV.

The easiest way to demonstrate your adaptability is to describe your current work environment. This will help the hiring manager know if you can work in their environment. For example, in the work environment, by participating in a new role with others or groups, one will be positively viewed by the employer.

4. The personality that employers are looking for; Think about behaviors.

Working with an organization brings out the right skills. When recruiting, it is also important to look at the behavior of the company or employer. Do you need someone who is active in the workplace? Need someone with good management skills in the workplace? These are examples of information employers are looking for that can be included in your CV. Other examples are: being proactive and adaptive.

5. Be confident in your abilities.

Here’s what you need to know that everything is not about experience. Although he has little business experience, combining his adaptable skills and personality traits, You can change to a new field of business.

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