How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost At The Dentist

how much does it cost to pay for teeth whitening

Do you sometimes see yourself in the mirror and realize that you need to have a little brighter smile and deserve shinier teeth to be more confident and attractive. Many of us go through this feeling; it can be eliminated by pampering yourself slightly. There are different solutions available around the globe for teeth whitening; moreover, a various dentist is offering good quality teeth whitening for the same reason. But since many people are going for teeth whitening, there are also various teeth whitening methods and solutions.

how much does it cost to pay for teeth whitening

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Many people ask about the history of tooth whitening and how it began. It all started when Egyptian people adopted teeth whitening as a sign of wealth, and Shiny teeth were considered a part of showing off the wealth. The procedure they used had a paste made from ground Pumice stone mixed with wine vinegar, and it was applied with the frayed stick, which is the original toothbrush from back then. Well, this is not as bad as a procedure Roman used for whiter teeth. Romans used to put urine On The Teeth to get them whiter because urine contains ammonia, which acted on the teeth to get them brighter.


But fortunately, we are lucky enough to find better ways to get our teeth whiter. In the 17th century back then, when the dentist didn’t exist, there were barbers to take care of the oral health and Cosmetic tooth surgeries, which is why the most common procedure that used to take place was pulling the problem teeth out. Still, they used to whiten the teeth by applying nitric acid on the teeth and file the stained enamel upper layer of the teeth.


But thankfully, later in 1960, dentists finally found out the whitening properties of Hydrogen Peroxide. Although this Discovery was quite accidental, and it helped a lot. Basically, at first, hydrogen peroxide was used as an antiseptic treatment for gum infection. Still, dentists later noticed that it works as a teeth whitener and is exposed to the stained teeth for a longer time.


Later carrying this idea of hydrogen peroxide, so many methods and techniques were used to whiten teeth professionally by a dentist. New inventions, like dental trays filled with thick whitening gel, which contains carbamide peroxide, are used these days.

But the question is how much teeth whitening cost on today’s date.

Multiple procedures can be used for teeth whitening these days, and their approximate cost depends upon the quality of material and the procedure used. The cost also depends upon the time it takes for the teeth whitening procedure. The more time it takes for teeth whitening, the higher the cost is. But not only time, but it also depends upon this procedure and method used mainly.

One of the most common and used teeth whitening procedures at the dentist’s place is laser teeth whitening. Laser teeth whitening is done by bleaching your teeth with the help of a laser to speed up the bleaching effect. This laser teeth whitening is one of the most expensive methods because of the laser used in this procedure, but the best part about having laser teeth whitening is it instantly gives White teeth. The first thing done in laser teeth whitening is putting a rubber seal on the gums to protect these gums from the laser and concentrated solutions. one of the drawbacks of having laser teeth whitening is it gives sensitivity.


The Other method used is zoom teeth whitening, which uses LED light instead of laser to accelerate the whitening procedure. This treatment is less intense, which means less sensitivity, but this requires a longer time duration for complete teeth whitening. Its results can be prolonged by having a continuous course of home teeth whitening treatments.


One of the cheapest forms of teeth whitening processes includes bleaching using custom trays. The dentist will take impressions of your teeth so that they can create a custom tray for you. Some of the professional whitening gels are made so that they can be left on your teeth overnight and would harm. This overnight wearing is feasible for so many people who do not have enough time to wear it during the day.


It is very clear now that the price of teeth whitening procedure Can depend upon the mechanism and method of the teeth whitening process. It can be varying from a few dollars to $100. If you go for professional teeth whitening, it may cost you more than any other DIY or home treatment as professional teeth whitening may involve fees for your dentist and expenses of all the instruments used during your procedure. And the cost of Dentists might also vary depending upon the experience and expertise of the dental professional Consulting with you. Referring to an experienced and expert dentist can be a privilege, but the new dentist might not be a loss as well. An expert dental professional can recommend your best whitening treatment and can protect you from any risks during this procedure.

Many people have to face a lack of confidence because they cannot smile brightly and cheerfully due to the fading color of their teeth. And this can only be prevented with this small procedure of getting your teeth white and Shiny back again as if they never get stained. A bigger reason for getting teeth whitening is that it prevents your teeth from having bacterial colonies setting upon them, causing serious damage and irregularities in the tooth. The plaque that forms on your teeth piles up and makes a biofilm of bacteria that is hard to be removed and later forms calculus on your teeth. Calculus forms around your gums, which can be very irritating and harmful for your oral health. Spending a small amount on getting yourself pampered and caring about your teeth might help you a lot in having better oral health and hygiene.

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