Interesting Fun Fact About Teeth

fun fact about teeth

Fun Fact About Teeth

fun fact about teeth

Teeth are different shape body part present in our mouth. These little body parts are made from calcium. Teeth are an essential body part for eating, speaking, and a beautiful smile. Teeth grow old over time. It is essential and necessary to take care of your teeth regularly by brushing and routine check-ups. Regular maintenance will keep your teeth healthy and more robust. It makes teeth glowing and sparkling. It keeps teeth in their natural color. No one likes dull, stain, and broken teeth. Everyone knows how important the body part is teeth but do you know fun facts about teeth. A smile is a vital and fantastic thing to show. So, it is imperative to take care of your smile as well as teeth. For healthy teeth, you need proper care, hygiene, and protection.

Types and structure of teeth

Teeth start to form in the womb. Normal human beings contain 32 teeth in his mouth. It includes four wisdom teeth, eight incisors, four canines, twelve molars, and eight premolars. The two sets of teeth are there in human life. The first set of teeth is known as baby teeth, which drop at seven years old. Later teeth are called everlasting teeth that remain for the whole life. Sometimes baby teeth never fall and continue as the lasting tooth. Incisors are two face teeth present on the top jaw. It also has a set under the jaw. There are four canine teeth; each jaw contains a set of two canine teeth. Canine are pointed teeth and use to tear food. Set of four premolars present next to the canine on the upper and lower jaw as well. These are much larger than the teeth present on the front. There are eight molars present on both jaws and backside. A molar plays an essential role in food breaking.

Connection with brain

There is a matter in your mouth called cementum. Cementum protects your teeth and gum. Every tooth is directly connected with your jaw bone with the help of periodontal fiber. Inside the enamel, all tooth blood supplies and sensory nerves present that makes sense. The pulp region is highly protected and make it secure for working. Pulp send sensory messages to the brain and communicate through the brain for proper sense. Another important and amazing fact about teeth that they don’t feel any pain. Today many people go through root canal treatment that isn’t so painful with current technology. It also becomes painless, like tooth filling.

Some interesting, fun facts about teeth

  • The part of your teeth at the outermost side is called enamel. It is stronger in most of your body parts. Enamel is made of hard rock minerals. Once it is damaged, it can’t regrow by itself.
  • There are more bacteria lives in your mouth than the people who live on the whole planet earth.
  • Taste buds have a short lifespan of up to 10 days, but they take 1 to 2 weeks for regeneration.
  • It is also shocking that tooth can’t heal itself like another party of the human body.
  • Another interesting fact that you can only see 1/3 part of your teeth remaining 2/3 part is hidden in your gums.
  • Teeth are not boning and not a part of bones, but they are still made of calcium and hard white part of the body.
  • Dentine is a living body that presents under the enamel a hard part that protects the dentine.
  • Human has two sets of teeth for the entire life span. So, take care of your teeth as much as you can.
  • Teeth looked yellow when hard enamel was worn down with the passage of time or teeth weakness. The dentine is yellow and changes the color of your teeth.
  • Everyone on earth has different teeth the same as your fingerprint. So, it makes you very unique and different from others.
  • Take care of your mouth because many diseases directly come through a lack of oral care.
  • Many heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes is a result of improper oral hygiene.
  • If your teeth knock out, keep it in the milk; it will help the tooth survive longer.

Some interesting and fun facts about flossing

  • Flossing is an important cleaning technique; when you miss flossing, you leave 35% of your teeth’ surface without cleaning.
  • Flossing removes the plaque, food particles, and stain from your gum line.
  • When gums have pockets, then flossing is the only technique that removes food particles, plaque, and stain present beneath them.
  • Flossing is highly recommended as it extends your life up to 6 years by lowing the risk of heart attack, bacterial infection, and other deadliest diseases.
  • Most people don’t know about floss and use simple brushing or other techniques of teeth cleaning.

More amazing fun facts about teeth

  • A normal woman smiles about 62 times a day while a man smiles only eight times in a day; it is an interesting fact.
  • Your mouth produces about 25000 quarts of saliva during the whole life span. This is enough quantity to fill a swimming pool. This saliva helps you to digest food, protect teeth from bacterial infection, and hydrate them.
  • About 50% of people notice your smile first when they meet you, then they see other body parts and dress details.
  • Mosquitos have twice as many teeth set as human beings.
  • Mice always stay busy in gnawing and nibbling different things because their teeth never stop growing. Gnawing is a process to help them to fell down their teeth.
  • More than 60 % of people have dental appointments than people on the road, talking on a phone call.
  • More than 70 % of adult people attract and like other people, smell, and feel happy to talk with that person.
  • Average of people spend 38 days of their whole lifetime on brushing their teeth only.




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