Fact About Teeth Whitening You Must Know

fact about teeth

Teeth are important, which not only help you in eating and biting but also accentuates your whole personality. Teeth play an essential role in eating, biting, and smile. Teeth have a unique shape and way of working, with each tooth has a different characteristic and shape. A lot of teeth problems that you might face if not taken care of properly. Plaque, yellow teeth, stain, and other bacterial infections easily harm your teeth. You can solve these issues by different means of products and remedies. It is not a difficult task to achieve but remember, your teeth need regular and care. It is the most helpful and effective way to get rid of unhygienic and bacterial infection as well. It is the easiest and valuable process that provides comfort and cleanliness, as well.

fact about teeth

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Facts about teeth whitening

The following facts about teeth whitening are essential for everybody to know.

  • Perfectly white teeth are impossible for everybody. 

The fundamental difference between color and stains is valid. No one has only bright white color from his or her birth. There are a lot of white color shades that are very different and unique. In fact, the whitening products we use only remove stains that present on our teeth. So, if you have dull or yellowish teeth, the whitening products may not correctly work for teeth whitening. You never know about any product or remedies before getting treatment.

  • The perfect time for whitening your teeth is just before your bed.

The whitening process makes your teeth more sensitive and opens all pores present on the teeth. So, it becomes weaker to get restaining and its effect as well. It is essential to get treatment and use whitening products at night because the night is a perfect time for remineralizing and rehydration. At this time, the remineralizing is at the peak, and teeth get ideal whitening. So, keep this fact in your mind while getting such treatment and usage of whitening products as well.

  • Whitening never works on caps and veneers. 

Mostly people lost their teeth for different reasons. They may install artificial caps and veneers. Dentists always install these caps and veneers in surrounding teeth colors. They don’t have changeable color. The whitening products always work on real teeth. They also lack effectiveness on these caps and veneers. Teeth whitening products never damage your caps and veneers. Moreover, these caps and veneers didn’t catch any stain and remain unchanged forever. So, it is a fact that such a whitening product is never beneficial and harmful for caps and veneers as well.

  • The whitening process is slow, and stains are never removed overnight.

There is nothing specifically high-quality available in the market that whiten your teeth in a few minutes or a day. There is no product or chemical present that safely and speedily work or penetrate in the teeth. Whitening is a long process, and the patient has to tolerate its duration. The whitening process takes four days to months for accurate results. Once you get the final results, you can maintain it very easily by little care and regular brushing. If you want permanent teeth whitening, you need patience and regular maintenance. It will not only take the time, but it also requires your regular attention. Oral care helps you to get teeth whitening.

  • Treatment that uses UV light or lasers provides temporary teeth whitening.

The UV light is used to accelerate the whitening gel effect. It makes teeth white and prominent as they are. It is a controlled treatment that carries through proper dentists and clinics as well. It is a fast, quick, and painless treatment for teeth whitening, but it is not the best technique for a person who has sensitive teeth. Moreover, UV light treatment has fast and speedy results, but it is a temporary effect. You cannot maintain such treatment whitening for a longer time. You need to maintain this by taking regular care and some products that help you to get rid of further staining as well.

  • It is normal to feel sensitivity after the whitening treatment.

Normally, people have sensitive teeth. More than 60 % of the people are facing a sensitivity issue. In this case, you feel more cold and warm temperatures during eating and drinking. It is also a normal fact if you feel sensitivity after teeth whitening treatment. During the teeth whitening process, your teeth lose water or become dehydrated. In this case, they are unable to make insulation. For instance, you feel sensitivity during hot and cold intake. When you have proper insulation on teeth, you never feel such temperature changes. In this case, the dentist recommends post-whitening fluoride treatment to overcome this issue.

  • Custom fitting whitening trays are very expensive.

Whitening trays are best and customize according to the client’s teeth conditions. These trays are customized for proper fitting and work. A dentist who does this job takes a hefty amount of money from you. In this way, it becomes costly to get white and sparkling teeth. It is not a single time treatment that you go through and avails your desired results. It is a long-term process that will be very expensive and time-consuming as well. Sometimes treatment becomes very expensive, and you never get the best results as well. So, take an in-depth look before a final decision about custom fitting whitening trays.

  • Teeth whitening treatment never damages your teeth.

The teeth whitening process pushes the natural remineralizing and rehydration process for teeth. It is an active and gentle way to get white teeth. Teeth are sensitive and need the right minerals and hydration as well for best working. In the teeth whitening process, you will get a proper balance of remineralization and rehydration. It is a safe process and never hurt you or your teeth. Some people think that it is a painful treatment or harsh like harshly brushing your teeth. It is a safe and protective way to get white and stain-free teeth as well. Teeth become more prominent and whiter after such treatment. So, feel free to get teeth whitening treatment and product to get a sparkling white smile.

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