(5) things to avoid in writing your cover letter

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A cover letter is like introducing yourself to a future employer. A cover letter is your first chance to impress yourself. He describes who he is and how he is suitable for the job. So there are some wise words to avoid when planning to write a cover letter.

The wording you use in your cover letter can differentiate you from your competitors. Others use fashionable expressions (slang); Although the terms preferred by managers may be used on a regular basis, He can use the words that he wants to do actively according to which role he fits.

Below are (5) words that should not be used in writing a cover letter. Here are phrases and how to think about writing.

1. ‘To whom it may concern’

Such usage includes expressions such as “Dear Sir or Madam”; unfriendly, It is an old fashioned greeting. If you can’t find the exact name to write, it’s better to use a job title like “Dear hiring manager” or “Dear recruitment manager.”

2. ‘I believe’

A cover letter is a great opportunity to explain why you are the best fit for this job. So, using convincing words and powerful words, Use words that highlight your relevant skills and experience.

The phrase “I believe I’m a strong communicator” can give the impression that he is someone who only thinks about this topic. Better to use examples that only support your truth. For example, “I exceeded my budget by x percent”, “I managed a department of ten people”, or “I created a marketing campaign that increased sales by xxx”. This allows a recruiter to calculate his skills.

3. ‘Dynamic’

This is a slang word. But it also refers to what he can do for an organization. 

 Instead of being ‘dynamic’, it is better to add examples of being flexible and adaptable. Adaptability is a valuable skill, but don’t just say, “I’m adaptable,” show it with examples.

Instead of using jargon, it is recommended to use keywords that are used in the company’s work. Read the job advertisement carefully. Identify your skills and relevant words and include them in your cover letter.

4. ‘Dependable’

Employers generally consider employees to be trustworthy, so they don’t need to include that content.

Include basic skills such as ‘dependable’, ‘reliable’ or ‘loyal’ for the job you are applying for. For example, if he states that he belongs to a group, Include an example of your collaborative experience.

5. ‘Salary’

Don’t include salary in your cover letter as it can limit your negotiating opportunities. Do not enter your expected salary. It may not fit the employer’s budget. You should avoid writing “salary negotiable” as it may be selling yourself out. When writing a cover letter, it is not time to mention the salary, so it can only be mentioned during the interview.

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