Samsung leaks classified information over cyber attack

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Samsung Electronics has leaked a large number of classified information online in the wake of a major cyber attack. A group of hackers is said to have been behind the attack on the South Korean tech giant.

The attack reportedly leaked source code and other sensitive information. The hackers have already compiled a list of all the data leaked in the breach. Samsung also lost nearly 190GB of confidential data.

The Lapsus $ group claimed responsibility for the attack. To show that they can stream data online, Samsung software has taken snapshots of the C / C ++ directories. He also mentioned the leak.

It also lists the source code for each Trusted Applet installed on Samsung’s TrustZone. This means that it also includes encryption, access control, hardware cryptography, and more. The Lapsus $ team also recently leaked NVIDIA data. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Ref: sammobile