HMD Global says it is out of the flagship competition

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HMD Global, the parent company of Nokia smartphones, has announced that it has withdrawn from its flagship competition. The reason is that it is no longer convenient to produce under different price constraints.

“It doesn’t make sense for us to make a $ 800 phone right now,” Adam Ferguson, HMD’s head of glabal product marketing, told the Android Authority. This is sad news for those who only like Nokia flagship phones.

The Nokia 9 PureView, launched in 2019, is part of the company’s efforts to re-enter the premium camera phone market with the brand. Unfortunately, the new PureView was not a huge success, and its aftermath was delayed with vague rumors.

HMD is currently focusing on its core business: entry-level and mid-range smartphones and feature phones. Therefore, it has been used for many years. It remains to be seen whether it will be able to continue its tradition of Nokia, which is known for its long battery life.

So far, HMD’s new strategy has worked. HMD reported profit in Q3 2021 and Q4 2021, the most profitable quarters in the company’s history. HMD will also set up a separate division to focus on services such as IoT data roaming and SIM management.

Ref: GSM Arena