Google Introduces Android 12L

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Now is the time for Android tablets to return, and foldable phones in particular are bringing bigger screens. So Google seems to have decided to make changes for the wider screen and the different experience of Android users.

Google announced the first Android 12L last October. The company also re-launched Android 12L after unveiling some beta builds. This time, it’s more modern. It focuses more on the average user and less on developers.

According to Google, Android 12L is optimized for larger screens. Fixes have also been made for notifications. The first is on the right; The second can be seen on the left. The company says the change will “give users more space to scroll through notifications.”

Two-column view settings for large screens have already been implemented by many Android device manufacturers. Finally, it has been added to “stock Android”. The biggest new feature of Android 12L is the new Taskbar. App icons can be stored to make things easier and faster.

At the top, you can always see the time with the status bar, and you can still see notification icons, connectivity icons, and battery capacity. Android 12L is expected to launch later this year. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Ref: GSM Arena