Facebook settles Android user privacy lawsuit

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In 2018, some users noticed that Facebook was doing some unexpected things through Android phones. These are names, Numbers It records the duration of each call.

Following the public disclosure of Facebook user data on Twitter, many Android smartphone users have filed a joint lawsuit against the social media giant, accusing it of violating the user’s privacy.

The lawsuit has been pending for nearly four years, and Facebook is now believed to be ready to address the allegations. The Northern California District Court has ruled that the terms of the lawsuit, which are based on records, have not been fully resolved and are awaiting final verdict from Judge Richard Seeborg.

But Facebook (Meta) has agreed to any solution, which is interesting. However, after reviewing the data, he said that the problem was the responsibility of the users. The company responded that it was “opt-in only” for consumers.

But in the end, both sides are likely to settle. The judge must also agree to a settlement. He is due to return to court next April.

Ref: Android Police