PUBG New State iOS Version Delayed: Will It Release Tomorrow?

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long awaited PUBG New State has been released for Android devices.However, the iOS version is not yet available. Surprisingly, the iOS version of PUBG New State has been delayed as Krafton has not made any announcements. about the delay The Android version seems to suffer a lot of server issues and PUBG New State is. under maintenanceCrafton revealed that Maintenance will be completed by 11:30 AM IST. and PUBG New State will be available to all players. However, the company hasn’t said anything about the iOS version delay.

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Craftton previously claimed that PUBG New State will launch on both Android and iOS on November 11, 2021 if you check. App Store page for PUBG New StateIt says “Expected Nov 12, 2021.” It should be noted that Krafton has not officially confirmed the delayed release of PUBG New State’s iOS version. As stated in the App Store, it appears to be a delay. at the last minute But Crafton should make an announcement to fix the issue. It’s unclear whether PUBG New State will launch for iPhone today or tomorrow according to the App Store. It’s quite possible Krafton will release PUBG New State on iOS after the 11th maintenance period ends. :30 a.m. IST

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PUBG New State appears to have a rough launch. with server problems and Multiple in-game bugsA lot of the bugs in these games shouldn’t have happened during the game’s launch. Fortunately, Krafton’s Battle Royale titles haven’t yet. Full Cyberpunk 2077 already.. We’ll have to wait and see if the bugs in PUBG New State will be fixed soon.