2 effective methods for interviewing based on business skills

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Most job seekers will already be familiar with typical, general job interview questions. A typical general job interview is where the interviewer looks at the job applicant’s CV and asks about previous work experience and educational qualifications. Usually ” introduce yourself ” “What are your strengths?” They usually start with questions like, ” Why are you applying for this job? “

The Competency-Based Interview ( Competency-Based Interview ) that I am going to talk about now is quite different from the usual interview questions. Another Behavioral Based InterviewAlso called In such an interview, the job applicant’s business skills are prioritized and examined in detail to predict whether the job applicant’s skills and personality will be able to fulfill the duties of the job. For example, “Tell me about a project you have personally led.” “How did you solve a business problem you encountered?” “What kind of work was done to produce a specified result in a project set above?” “Describe a situation where you had to complete a task that you have never done before.” Questions like, “How did you develop a good working relationship with your colleagues?” So if this kind of job interview

1. Be sure to study the tasks and areas of expertise described in the job application

In some job postings, in addition to the task, the qualities that must be mastered are mentioned. Read them carefully. If not, think in relation to what you will be good at in the job you are applying for. Then write down personal events related to those points. For example, if the position you’re applying for says Partnering or a good business-related introduction, consider a personal story about that.

2. Answer using the STAR method

As I just said, I have thought about the personal incident. But how do you present it? Then answer using the STAR method that I will tell you now . It is very easy and simple and the best way to organize your thoughts. STAR method has 4 steps.

– [S] Situation – First present a brief summary of the situation encountered.

– [T] Task / Assigned task – In that case, tell me the task assigned to you or the task to be completed as a second point. If there are problems and issues that need to be solved personally, please add them here.

– [A] Action – Tell me what you did to accomplish the problem or task.

– [R] Result – End by telling how you were able to achieve the result. Describe how your actions solved a problem or achieved a result, and describe how it benefited the company (for example, by what percentage of sales increased).

The STAR method that I just talked about is a method that you want to use in any interview, not just the Competency-Based Interview . The most important thing in any job interview is preparation. Read the job application carefully. Make sure to research the company you are recruiting for. Dress with confidence . Be punctual. Another thing is that now there are many foreign companies in Myanmar, so they can use English in interviews. That’s why you need to carefully prepare the topics you want to talk about according to the language you will use. Therefore, every job interview will be admired and respected by the interviewer.

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