15 interview questions you should prepare in advance

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No matter how many interview experiences you’ve had, every job interview is exciting. I will wear the best clothes, I will print and carry extra CVs, I will answer with a smile. Just when you think everything is going smoothly during the interview, the interviewers often ask you things you didn’t expect. In particular, they will ask such questions.

(1) Tell me about yourself

If you don’t answer anything when you ask about yourself, it’s boring. Too much personality is not good. It is best to end with 3 words about your job and why you are applying for this job.

(2) Why do you want to work here?

Not only do they want to know why they want to do it, but they also want to know how much they know about the company. I would like to say that I want to work here because I am interested in what I know about the company.

(3) How did you hear about this job?

If you answer that you just applied because you saw a job offer on the Internet, it’s very simple. They asked me why I wanted to work for the company. Especially from the employees who are currently working in the company? They will ask how they know each other.

(4) Tell me something interesting from your CV

Achievements that you are proud of can be listed in your CV. I would like to talk about that topic in detail.

(5) Why do you want to change jobs?

When looking for a better job while working at your current job, interviewers ask why. I think it’s a reasonable question, but I want to know if it’s because I was fired from my previous job or if I want to make a change. They don’t want to hire employees who won’t stay in the workplace.

(6) Why should I hire you?

Keep in mind that interviewers are asking what skills would be useful to them. “Because of the good relationship, I don’t give vague answers like “hard work”.

(7) Goals for the next five years

You don’t need to tell me your life goals. The main thing to answer is that you can only answer the goal of the career path, which is where you will try to reach in the next five years after joining the company.

(8) About disagreements at work

There are disagreements and conflicts in every workplace. How did you react at such a time? How it was solved will be told about an incident. No matter what incident you tell, it needs to be an incident where the end is resolved and you and your co-workers are okay again. Quitting because of problems is the wrong answer.

(9) The job you really want to do

I started with a question about what I want to be in the next five years. Interviewers ask whether your goals are realistic or not. They ask because they want to know if you have the passion to achieve your goals. No company wants to hire people who apply for jobs that they don’t really want to do.

(10) What do you expect from colleagues?

The point of this question is to know how you understand working in a team. the nature of the company; It is asked to determine whether it fits the way of working.

(11) What do you expect from the manager?

It’s a question that I want to know about what kind of attitude you have in the workplace. This question is often asked by team leaders or department heads. You can tell me how your managers help you.

(12) How to deal with stress?

Let them know that you have a professional, controlled and positive demeanor when it comes to work. You need to be able to answer that stress will not stop you from achieving your goals at work.

(13) What will you do in the first month of work?

It’s implied that you want to see significant improvements within one to three months of starting the job.

(14) Salary requirements

Some people ask this question, Some don’t ask. They pay the same salary rate as they set. It is best if you are prepared. The question of salary also comes to the point of indicating your worth.

(15) Do you have any questions?

Finally, they will ask this question. That is a good opportunity. Don’t answer that there is nothing to ask. You need to prepare at least three to five questions. You can also ask at this time if you want to negotiate about work.

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